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Product Code: 21

The Posistop Motor and Coupler Brakes are designed for long life with minimal maintenance in severe and critical applications. They are typically furnished as spring set, pressure release brakes however pressure set spring release is available on some models. The multiple disc designs reduce inertia of the brake putting less load on the motor and improve efficiency each cycle.


Posistop motor brakes are designed to mount to the back of brake motors, and the coupler brakes are designed to mount to the drive end of the motor, often between the motor and reducer. Coupler brakes can also be used on servo motors.


  • Up to 10 times longer life
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • No Adjustment – Ever!
  • Air or Hydraulic Actuation
  • Horizontal or Vertical Mounting
  • Dust, Dirt, and Moisture Proof
  • Standard or Custom Mounting
  • Each model variable Torque – Number of Springs and Discs
  • Tapered collet
  • Bore and keyway
  • Spline shaft connection