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Oil Shear Technology | Reduced Maintenance Cost

  • Air or Hydraulic Actuation
  • Low Maintenance - Reduced Downtime
  • Severe or Hazardous Duty
  • Compact Size - High Thermal
  • Wash Down and Marine Duty Option
  • Low Inertia Energy Savings
  • Cooling - Basic, Fan, Water, Oil-To-Air, and Forced Lube

The Foot Mounted Posidyne Clutch Brake featuring Oil Shear Technology is oldest the most flexible Clutch Brake in the line. Beginning in 1969 thousands of Posidyne clutch brakes have been producing products around the world. Applications ranging from mining, lumber, and steel to food processing, packaging, and meat packing.

All Posidyne Clutch Brakes feature our world renowned Oil Shear Technology to eliminate regular maintenance, reduce cost, and increase production.